Remember ABC’s Wide World Of Sports?  My folks watched it a lot in the 70’s.  How well I remember "The thrill of victory! And the agony of defeat." while watching poor Vinko Bogataj totally bite it on the ski jump.

My wife never got to see that, so I did a very small bit of searching for the video.  Which I means I typed "the agony of defeat" into Google and clicked the top thing.

As it turns out, it was a page for "Ask Yahoo", and while it was enlightening, it rather disturbed my wife.  Apparently her grasp of the Topher Network is less than I thought.

4 thoughts on “The agony of defeat

  1. Please help – Your friend Elizabeth recently blogged about a man named John Uzmack in her blog title “practicality vs. the curious mind”. John was my brother in law – I married his sister Lisa in 1990. He used to Live in Mulberry, Florida. Elizabeth mentiones a person named Nola – who I do not know. I would be interested if you could link me via e-mail to Elizabeth to ask her how she came to know John. He passed away in April 2005 at 37 years of age. I stumlbed on Elizabeth’s blog by shear accident, hence the somewhat bizarre nature of this request.
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  2. I knew John from 1965 – 1970 while he was in Production Control at CC&S in Bartow, Florida. He was my direct supervisor. My wife and I met his wife once or twice during that time.

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