But the caravan passes on. That’s an old Arab saying, believed to have come from Somalia. I read it first in a Louis L’Amour book, and the context was that despite the words and actions of naysayers, jerks, and antagonists, Right And Good will continue.

The older I get though, the more I see it applying to lots of things. Since my last post, much much much has happened. And so begins my megillah.

About a week before the Gospelcom conference, I got some sort of flu. It was really only bad for a day, but I wasn’t quite right for several days. My wife got it soon after I did, but I was well enough to let her zone on the couch while i took care of the girls. She also got it much worse than I did.

But the caravan that is my life continued.

Then came the conference. My friends have comments here, here, and

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    1. I read an interesting article the other day about how out of all the professions out there, the tech ones (such as webmasters and tech support) are the two that hate the most to have to leave the office for an extended period of time. Why? for the single reason that they know (and fear) that when they come back they’re going to be so swamped with work, that they will undo all the goodness of being away for a while in the first 5 minutes of being back (“in the saddle”, as it were :P)

      I feel for ya 🙂

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