Yesterday Cate and I went to see The Incredibles. What a great movie. They did a really great job of making the characters into a real family.

There isn’t any reference to pre-existing super-heros, but the flavor is there, good and strong. The super-heros of the world come to be feared, and people want to shun them, which feels a lot like X-Men. The bad guy refers to the fact that not all super-heros have super powers, some of them just have amazing gadgets. That sort of thing.

As I was sitting there enjoying it, I tried to quantify my enjoyment. I realized that the movie felt long, and that I was glad of it. I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to see what would happen next. I also realized that it felt like there were large seperate segments to the movie, each standing in its own right. I’ve noticed that in a lot of movies I like.

Oh, and there’s nothing after the credits, but there is a short Pixar show before the movie that was amusing.

And as always when I do a movie review, looking forward to movies I hope don’t suck:
National Treasure
After The Sunset

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  1. I was *this close* to suggesting we see that last night, but by the time I got some furniture moved in from Lansing the day was nearly gone. Glad to know it’ll be worth our $16 though.

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