This morning I watched the briefing from Qatar, and the man giving the briefing mentioned that the Iraqis have no regard for the laws of war, which he described as rules which govern violent conflict.

I’ve thought about that before, but I was struck again at how ludicrous that term is. The only people that can afford to follow any sort of gentleman’s agreement are the agressors. What small poorly defended country wouldn’t do absolutely anything to defend?

War is a violent action against someone who will only be stopped by violent action. If agreements can be made, and discussions can be had, then violence has come too early.

I wouldn’t blame the Iraqis for making terrorist attacks on the US. How else can they hurt us? A fundamental rule of war is to always attack. Attacking the US will force resources to be spent on defending the homeland.

I would hope that our government has thought of such things, and already spent the time on defending against such an act. In fact, it would appear that they have, since I expected terrorist retaliation long before now.

My children are too young to realize what’s going on, but they still have their own perspectives. Today David Bloom was on tv, wearing military goggles in a sand storm. If you haven’t seen any of the images, they’re pretty impressive. At one point it was pitch black, and David was standing 6 inches from the camera, holding a glow stick in front of his face.

So back to Molly. The scene was VERY orange, and he had his goggles on. Molly said “Look daddy, the fishy man is all orangy!”. Is that all she’ll remember from this war? We’ll see.

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