This movie’s been on my "boy, I hope they don’t screw that up" list ever since I heard about it.  In short, they didn’t.

Cornerstone University, where I work, rented all of theater 1 at Celebration Cinemas, which is a really nice theatre, and got a screening the day before it was officially out for all employees.  That totally rocks, and is probably the nicest thing they’ve done for the employees since I’ve been here.  Thanks!

The movie was great.  They stuck very close to the book, only deviating to show some things that don’t translate well.  The bombing of London was heart wrenching.  The CGI was fabulous, really really good.  At this point in the world of technology, making hair and stuff isn’t as big a deal, but they did a great job of making animals move so naturally that I almost always forgot that they weren’t real.  The only times I knew was when they did things that only Narnian animals can do.  There was one spot of really bad green screening, and I was really surprised.

I loved the way they portrayed Santa Claus.  Very practical.

We took Molly and Sophi.  Molly’s almost 6, and Sophi’s 4.  Sophi didn’t have any problems with it, but Molly was pretty scared in some spots.  When Aslan is surrendering to the White Witch it gets pretty intense, and the battle scene is pretty intense.  Molly sobbed when Aslan died.

All in all, it’s an excellent movie, and you should go see it.

4 thoughts on “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

  1. We’re going tonight! Making it part of our youngest (12) daughter’s BD party. Taking the whole family (12!). My oldest son and a buddy are going two hours early to get us good seats. [Fortunately there’s a great Irish pub next door that one of them can periodically pop into.]

    My pastor’s nephew went with our pastor to a special screening last week and became a Christian afterwards. It was just the perfect spark in a long series of sparks. He said he couldn’t stop smiling.

    And CT’s review yesterday was very balanced…

  2. (And how about that theater! And their website! Have you noticed? A 50% improvement in download speed in the last month?)

    I know all my kids want to go see it. I haven’t read the book since….olden days.

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  3. My wife and I saw it last night and also thought it was fantastic. I bet I know the bad green screening spot. When the kids are walking across a snow covered natural arch and are looking over the expanse of Narnia, the first shot looking at them with the sky in the background — home movie 101 ;-). My wife and I both noticed it. Regardless, it was awesome.

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