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Molly learned to read when she was five, and got much better at it while 6. She’s seven now, and for a while has said she likes to read, but typically hasn’t read for more than about 5 minutes, usually a large kids picture book. Last year she read Stuart Little, but it took her about 3 months, and she didn’t have a very good grasp of what was going on.

A couple weeks ago when we were at the library, we saw that they were having a summer reading program, and both girls got very excited. Parents may read books to kids who can’t read yet, and have it count.

Molly read several picture books in quick succession, but then chose to read Stuart Little again. That’s when she went from knowing how to read to being A Reader. It only took her 5 days this time, and I realized what had happened when I went to check on her before I went to bed the other night. She was still awake reading in bed. I can’t tell you how many times I read into the night when I was a kid, getting in trouble for using up all the kerosene in the lamp, or killing the batteries in a flashlight.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to have another Reader in the house. 🙂

Sophi is having a really good time as well. She’s resisting learning to read, because it’s work. Molly did the same thing though, and once she got through the initial difficulty of remembering what all the letters say, she enjoyed the puzzle aspect of it. I can see Sophi starting to get into that when we read together at night now. Now that Molly would rather read her own book than listen to me read, I have more time to work with Sophi learning her letters and sounds.

Good times.

4 thoughts on “The Reader

  1. Topher,
    Both of my sons became avid readers a little later than Molly. I started off by reading them one of the Red Wall series and trying my best to read it with excitement whenever the story suggested it. Soon, they were reading that series on their own and of course the Harry Potter series has been read over and over again. My eldest son Zach, has read all the works of Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Jack London and more. Most of the classics are known to him, which is more than I can say about most 20 year olds. What amazes me the most is that he is a die hard gamer, playing W.o.W. and CounterStrike until his eye swell. Yet his love for books hasn’t deminished at all. All that said to rejoice with you that you’re joined by your daugher in your love of reading and books!

  2. Have your kids discovered Junie B. Jones yet? I guess it’s quite the rage. Sadie likes the books, but I think she likes Judy Moody even better.

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