I originally intended to do an update about once a month, but this summer’s been so crazy I haven’t had much time to blog. Such is life.

I realized something I realized about my pay cycle this summer. I work all month, and then send out invoices at the end of every month. They trickle in through that month, and then I use that money to pay bills in that third month. So if I have a slow month now, bills are tight in 2 months.

I’ve redefined “bills” as well. It used to mean things I had to pay, like the gas bill, electric bill, etc. Now it means everything I spend money on in a month. That’s all the regular bills but now it’s also savings, Health Savings Account, etc. That actually simplifies things a bit. I pay all of that stuff, and the rest is fun money.

The summer went great for work until I went hunting in August. September was then a little slow as well. It was worth every minute though. :)

October has been crazy busy. Work is coming in hand over fist, and I’m busy all day. That means December will be quite comfortable. :) It also means the next several months should be busy, which is nice.

So far things have gone as planned, and it’s still great.

One thought on “The Road Goes Ever On

  1. A comfortable December is a nice thing…what with higher heating bills and Christmas expenses. :-) I’m looking forward to two paychecks in our house beginning next friday! :-) Glad to hear the freelance life is going well for you!

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