My dad has fought kidney stones since he was about 20. He used to get them all the time, and about 15 years ago they took out a parathyroid gland that was generating calcium like crazy and it helped a lot. He still gets them every couple years though, and now he has a whole bunch at once.

For those unfamiliar, a single small kidney stone can cause excruciating pain. A large one can incapacitate quickly. My dad has a handful of medium sized ones at the moment.

He went into the hospital today because even hopped up on GOOD drugs, he was vomitting and shaking uncontrollably with pain. He’s fairly groggy at the moment, and tomorrow or the next day they’re going to try to scoop them out with a basket.

If they can’t get them, the doc said they’re going to ship him to… Grand Rapids. We’ll see what happens.

Please pray for him.

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