My folks wanted a matress from IKEA. It was $250. So was shipping. So they asked if we’d go with them. It broke my wife’s heart, but we said yes.

So they came down yesterday afternoon, and this morning we got up far too early and departed for Chicago to go shopping 2 days before Christmas.

All things considered, a good time was had by all. Michigan City had tons of snow, and was getting more when we drove through, but all other places were much clear and dry. IKEA wasn’t very busy, it was a Thursday morning. We got some stuff, they got their matress, we ate at the IKEA restaurant, etc.

After that we went to my Aunt Kim’s, about 25 mi from IKEA and saw her house, her cats, chatted, etc. That was fun too, we’d not seen her house before.

And then we drove home. 9 hours on the road, 9 hours in Chicago. There and back again.

One thought on “There and back again

  1. You forgot “…and her quilts, and her SEWING ROOM!” It was great to see you-all. Please give a hug to all of your girls KJ

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