I have a side box on my blog titled "People I Know". I’m not really sure why it’s called that, or even why I keep it there. It certainly isn’t an accurate representation of all the people I know, nor even the people I know who have blogs or webpages.

It was originally put there to be a menu of sorts, so I could visit the blogs of my friends. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to keep it updated, and I don’t even regularly read all the blogs listed. I actually tend to use the menu on Alan’s blog. Ironically, I tend to look for a link to my blog on my friends pages, and feel left out when I don’t see it there. And yet, my list of friends is horrible.

Since I’ve started using an RSS reader, I don’t even use a web based list, so I’ve thought about taking it off.

But I’ve noticed that Google likes my blog, and I want to send relevant links to people. But then, shouldn’t I make a better menu? Of course, since my admin area sucks, I have to do it in phpMyAdmin, so should I fix my admin area? Nah, I’m too lazy.

Do you use your own list of other blogs?

One thought on “These are the people in your neighborhood

  1. I think I use my site more than anyone else does, and I guarantee I use my list of links more than anyone else does. The way I navigate to any of the blogs I read is by going to my site and then clicking on through.

    I also use my site a lot to search for things that I know I’ve mentioned but have forgotten. I do that pretty frequently.


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