I like jabber a lot. It’s open, powerful, and infintely easier to set up than it used to be. Over the last couple months I’ve been using it more and more, coercing and cajoling friends to use it, and that’s led me to work on my own server.

I have a simple one up and running for wcsg, and I’m very happy with how the install went. I also found a nice set of php scripts that can interact with the server (and made them work), so I hope to make an admin area for the server. For my next trick I want to make another one for WaY, as a free, open server, then lock down WCSG’s server for internal registration only.

Ed loaned me Programming Jabber, and it’s proving to be a good book. I won’t actually review it here, but sometime soon. It gave me the cool idea of having my blog titles, descriptions, and URL’s sent to subscribers via jabber. it would be a little faster than email (unless you leave it up ALL the time like I do) , and more prompt than an RSS reader (unless you leave that up too, polling every 30 seconds).

I don’t actually have the hubris to believe that people want to read my blog so badly that they want to know immediately when I post, so they can rush right over to read it, but a strong reason for this blog has always been Self Education, where I mess with new technologies. Jabber is one, and I want to mess with it. A future practical application would be IM’s of news that I control, like WCSG’s news, or weather forecast, or Cornerstone’s front page news, etc. Weather, that’s a great idea.

It would differ from a bot in that a weather bot would be available all the time, and you could ask it for a current forecast. My thingy would send a forecast everytime it changed, which generally would be once a day, early. But if a big storm comes up, we get a new one, and people would be alerted immediately.

Back to my original idea, are there any readers who would be interested in even messing with it (subscribing to my blog via jabber once I get it done)?

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Jabber

  1. Because of the previous comment, which made no reference to the original post, ergo giving me no clue in my email as to which post it was related to, I have recoded my email comment notification to include post title and id.

    This post is a test of that new code.

  2. Ok, last test, because I finally got jabber notification working. When someone posts, I get an IM. Kinda cool. Be nice.

  3. “This is a notice to inform you that the people in charge of sacking the people in charge of the subtitles have now been sacked. The credits will no proceed in an entirely different manner”.

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