Once upon a time, I used to do some… “exploring” shall we say, on my favorite college campus. There were tunnels, and attics and stuff. Many colleges have them.

As a result, certain gadgets have always held a certain amount of interest for me. I recently found 2 on ThinkGeek. I must never be allowed to have either of these.

Wireless PenCam
The Wireless PenCam cleverly conceals a quality color video camera inside a working pen. With up to 60m transmission range and minimal illumination, undercover assignments can now be carried out with ease.

Key Katcher
This is a device that can be connected to a keyboard to record all keystrokes. It has a changeable password, keyword search, enable/disable option, and stores URLs. Records more than 65,000 keystrokes and does not require any software.

Now don’t they sound cool? I could get in so much trouble…

One thought on “toys

  1. *grins* I know of….some students….who climbed up into the attic of a dorm, and basically tapped into the other people’s phones….

    made for some amusing listening at times *hehe*

    As for the Key logger – very cool – I’ve played around with the software version, but this is MUCH better 😛

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