2 thoughts on “Truly Amazing

  1. I first saw Rodney in the Spring of 2001. I had heard some mp3s, and knew he played two guitars. I thought I was prepared. No…

    Rodney is unequivocably the best guitar player I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him play several times now, and each time I’m just as dumbfounded by what he does with a guitar. In early September Rodney will be in LA for 4 days and I don’t care how many shows he plays, I’ll be at every one I can make. He’s just that good.

    And, to top it all off, he’s a cool guy.


  2. I watched Rodney’s video at Topher’s prompting; Topher had asked me if I liked acoustic guitar, and I’d replied that it’s o.k. I watched his entire video – and I was pressed for time – I couldn’t bring myself to stop it. I’m impressed. Thanks for leading me to it Topher!

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