Whiskey being poured into small glasses.

I’ve always enjoyed margarita’s, but during the pandemic I learned to REALLY enjoy them. I found some great, inexpensive organic mixer that wasn’t (as) full of sugar, and started getting higher quality tequila. This probably had a great deal to do with gaining 25 lbs in 8 months. When it came time to stop taking in that much sugar I decided to try something else.

Around the same time my wife and I found a documentary on Hulu called “Neat: The Story of Bourbon“. It has TONS of history, and I learned all about bourbon. I didn’t know that it can only be called bourbon if it’s made in the US, along with a bunch of other very tight rules.

I’d had bourbon, but never really intentionally. After watching this I deliberately had Bulliet again, Jim Beam White, Black, and Devil’s Cut. I’ve always loved Evan Williams Honey Bourbon, but hated their Cinnamon Bourbon, so I did NOT try those again. (EW Cinnamon is great on vanilla ice cream though).

Not long after that we watched another one called “Scotch: A Golden Dream“, also with tons of history as well as awesome photography of the highlands, including those delightful cows. This documentary taught me how to drink whiskey, it’s not as intuitive as you might think.

This made me want to try non-bourbon whiskeys, so I went to The Crushed Grape and said “Show me your Scotches”. He asked what I was looking for and I said “Whiskey made in Scotland”. He then proceeded to give me a delightful education. He sold me a bottle of Highland Queen, and I also bought a bottle of an Irish whiskey called Jameson. Both the HQ and Jameson were really good.

I tried plain Jack Daniels to get a comparison of an American whiskey. It was fine, but not memorable.

My next Scotch was McClelland’s Single Malt. It was probably the least sweet of anything I’d had before, which was really interesting. It was good, but I probably won’t get it again.

My most recent is Gentleman Jack from Jack Daniels. I’m drinking some while I write this post. I’m finding really really excellent. It’s also very not sweet, but very fragrant, there’s a LOT going on in the smell.

Something that surprised me is how much smoother all regular whiskeys are than all bourbons. It’s just a thing I guess.

I’d love to know what you like and what I should try.

Photo by Dylan de Jonge on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Trying Whiskey

  1. I usually prefer bourbon over Scotch. And I’ve never had a Irish whiskey I didn’t like. It’s largely personal taste though.

    That said, you need to try Laphroaig (luh-froyg) at least once. Don’t buy a bottle until you’ve tried it though. It’s SUPER peaty, and literally tastes like bandaids. Yet, I don’t dislike it.

  2. Gentleman Jack is my favorite, readily available non-bourbon for sipping (tho to be honest, I wouldn’t turn down any at this point). I enjoy Jack’s Tennessee Honey as well but it’s not one that I keep around the house.
    If I’m picking a bourbon and want something familiar and comfortable, it’s usually Bulleit or Makers Mark. I think Scotch whiskeys would be a slippery slope

  3. I recommend an Irish whiskey called “Writers’ Tears”. Also, there’s a Welsh whiskey company called Penderyn, and their “Legend” whiskey is delicious.

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