This isn’t really a review, I’m not going to talk about relative quality and deep meanings, but I’ve really been enjoying this cd lately. The title song was popular a few years back, but the rest of the cd has pretty diverse style.

If you’ve never tried it, you should. You know my email address.

2 thoughts on “Tubthumper, Chumbawamba

  1. i loved this cd–greg bought it and i wore it out. unfortunately, it was in his cd wallet when the stupid crook smashed in my back window and stole the wallet.

    other favorite cd’s that went missing in that heist: moby 18, benjamin gate, BG-‘contact’, decembrists, and pm dawn’jesus wept’.

    my son was also a casualty–new adventures in odyssey cd’s went missing.

    hey crook! i hope you got some good listening!

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