Last week was VBS at our church, they had the theme of "Bethlehem Village".  They talked about Joseph and David and Jesus.

The girls got points for their team by dressing up in costume, memorizing the Shema (in English), learning Bible verses, and being good.  :)  I taught Molly the Shema in Hebrew just for kicks.

They had an absoutely wonderful time, though Sophi was petrified of the Roman Guard.  It was a kid who goes to our church.  he’s in high school, and about 6′ 5", 280 lbs, wearing full Roman Guard gear.  He came around every day collecting "taxes" which were plastic gold coins.  Sophi burst into tears every time he appeared.

Photos here.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Bible Scool

  1. Cute pictures, but, unless an intended pun has gone over my head, it’s “school.” :-D

    I’m using your site to find out through a friend if IE7 displays the png correctly. And it does. Yay. :-)

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