Several times in the last couple weeks Molly’s come up to me and said "Psst, Dad, could I talk to you in private?"  She’d then lead me three rooms away and whisper "I’ve been noticing commercials on TV for Sears for some special diamond earrings, and I think we should get those for Momma on Valetines Day".  She was quite concerned that we get those, because it would make Momma happy.

I knew that wouldn’t be quite right, but I told her that she could go with me to get the stuff I did get.

So the other day on the way back from a Dr. appt, we went up to Andicott flowers and got a bunch of pink tulips and a balloon that said "I’m TOADally yours!".  Then we went to Mejier and got the biggest red heart filled with chocolates I could find.  We also got a card.

When we got home, we knocked on the door, and when Cate answered, Molly held up the card and said "Will you be dad’s Valentine?", while I stood behind her with the balloon, chocolates, and flowers.

She said yes.  πŸ™‚

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