Some months ago I decided to upgrade my work desktop machine. I ordered a new motherboard, RAM and processer, and I’ve been trying to make them work ever since.

I got an Abit IS7-E, 2 Kingston KVR400X72RC3A/512 512MB DDR400 PC3200 Registered EC, and one P4 2.4Ghz processor.

I got it all in there, turned it on, and it made a single long beep, then a klaxon type beep. Unfortunately, that beep code isn’t listed on the beep codes page.

I asked on the Abit forums, and they said “sounds like memory”. I swapped email with an Abit person, and he didn’t really tell me anything at all. I took it over to my friend’s place, where he has the same motherboard and proc, but 2700 ram instead of 3200. His RAM works in both my box and his box. My RAM didn’t work in either.

So I sent it back and got some new stuff, which came today. No love. Sometimes I really hate computers.

My RAM isn’t listed here, but then, niether is my friends, and his works. he got his at Sam’s Club. I’m starting to think seriously about that myself.

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