Friends of mine are doing a good job of keeping track of how much worse things are now than last week, but I’ve given up. I couldn’t tell you how many are sick or how many have died, but I can tell you the numbers are still climbing in the U.S. I saw an article that said Spain’s number of sick has fallen for 2 days in a row.

The President has said we should keep up social distancing until May. Some states haven’t even started it yet. Delta Airlines emailed me and said that their points programs are essentially on hold until 2021.

Kinsa has made a “Real-time map of influenza-like illness in the United States.”

Arrow pointing at my county in MI.

We’re all still healthy.

We did our second week of church from home. It works pretty well. The pastor sits next to a TV with his slides on it, and occasionally they’ve had people say something on that TV, and they’ve done a good job of piping that audio to the Zoom instance, so it sounds really good instead of just a TV across the room.

Sunday School in Zoom is interesting because people can put things in the chat while the speaker is talking, without it being an aural disruption.

I know that Michigan is hit kind of hard, but it seems to be mostly in Detroit. I heard yesterday that 4 people in “Southwest Michigan” died. I have no idea what the Grand Rapids hospitals are like.

I know a couple people who’ve lost their jobs and are concerned about finances, but not many. Economists on TV are talking about some pretty serious doom and gloom.

We haven’t even started recovering yet.

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