The group Five for Fighting released a song a while back called What kind of world do you want? As a companion to the song, they created a site with the same name. On it, they have videos showcasing specific needs of various charities. Each time a video is viewed, a certain amount of money is donated to its charity.

It sounded suspicious at first, “40 cents is given every time you watch this!”, but snopes approved it. It’s changed since that spammish email went out, there’s now a donor pool, and money comes out of it to the charity you say you support.

In light of that, I ask you to watch this video. It’s about autism, and how terribly behind we are on research in that field. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. My friends Duane and Sarah have an autistic girl. She wasn’t diagnosed until age 3 or 4, long after any early developmental stuff could have been done. She’s a sweetie.

So, please watch the video below. Each time it’s viewed some money goes to autismspeaks.

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