I saw a great post by Zach Dennis on the GRLUG list today, so I thought I’d render it here:

>Just curious, what is the primary reason that people use T1 lines
>today rather than DSL?

T1’s tend to have a higher quality and reliability then DSL(both aDSL and sDSL) lines. The T1 speeds are fixed and aren’t determined by the distance from the CO, whereas with DSL lines this distance plays a big factor. DSL speeds are most always at “best-effort” and unless you live next door to the CO you typically get about 50% of what the speed is promoted at. T1’s don’t
have this distance limitation.

Also T1’s are FCC regulated and the FCC states that their must be a one hour
response from the provider once a trouble ticket has been opened. DSL lines
dont get this lucky! And the FCC also mandate certain minimum costs, quality
levels on the lines and reliability.

DSL is great because it is much cheaper in cost, but DSL lines aren’t as
reliable and there are no “regulations” to say that they have to be. DSL may
work great for hosting a website or two, but if you throw on an ftp server,
email server, maybe some vpn capabilities for your home-office employees
then it may be time to upgrade to a T1.

In the end it’s all about finding what works best for you business! Most
telco’s offer the ability for you to upgrade from a DSL line to a Fractional
T1 or a T1 w/o breaking contract.

2 thoughts on “Why would I want a T1?

  1. Hrm….no link to the full article? My following comments are based on just the tidbit here – which may not be representative of the whole article…:P

    Umm – can you say “price”? *heh* Actually, that’s too obvious an answer, so try this:

    Another major reason is the difference in guaranteed upload/download speeds (separate from the quality enforcements). A T1 (even a fractional T1) usually has the same upload/download guaranteed (1.544Mbps for a full T1), where as most other broadband options offer larger download speeds vs. upload speeds – for instance, most DSL packages come in a 786/256 (D/U) package for end/home users.

    This is great for surfing the web and downloading things – but horrendous if you want to offer any kind of server-based offerings OUT from your computer…

  2. There wasn’t an article, that was just a post to the grlug list.

    SDSL is the kind where you get the same upload and download speeds, ADSL is what most home users get.

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