Molly turned 8 today. She’s very tall all of a sudden. Her head reaches about halfway up my upper arm.

We started the day with a trip to Russ’ because she loves their pancakes. Then we went home and made a cake and played a little. Then we went to Mongolian BBQ (she calls it “BD’s”) for lunch. THEN we went and saw Enchanted at the theater (much better than anticipated). Then we went to Build-A-Bear and she got the pink leopard spotted cat and Sophi got the blue winter bear.

We then got food from various places (bw3 for me and the wife, Arbys for the girls) and went home and watched The Santa Clause 2.

The capstone of the day is that Molly lost a tooth right before bed. Talk about a perfect 8th birthday. Now I’m off to play Uno with them before tucking them into bed with their new buddies.

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