I’ve blogged a lot this year.  This’ll be my 40th post this month.  It’s really just because I have a lot of stuff to write about.  I’ve noticed some very interesting reactions from people when I tell them how often I post though.  Almost without fail, they say "You’re a better blogger than I am.  I need to blog more".

That’s such a loaded sentence.  It implies that someone who writes stuff on the web frequently is "better", and that doing so is a good thing.

Who says?  Maybe spilling your guts on the internet is a bad thing.   Maybe it’s a good thing.

And who says 40 little posts about toys on thinkgeek is "better" than 1 good post about life, God, love, friendship, etc.?  I don’t have a ton more to say about it, I just thought it was an interesting viewpoint.

2 thoughts on “A better blogger

  1. I used to post more, but my family doesn’t use RSS. When I had a lousy angelfire site, those who wanted to know what was happening could subscribe to “let me know when this page has changed”. I tried a wordpress plug in, but it seemed to go away when I upgraded.

    My is blog is just really a place for me to put interesting bookmarks that I might want to look up again, but don’t necessarily need in my favorites list.

  2. it IS a funny reaction. as if not blogging was a crime of sorts. maybe it’s an inflated ego… they think people wait by the computer, hitting refresh hourly just in case a new post has been added. or maybe people just like beating themselves up over stupid stuff. curious. thanks for sharing the observation. AND, btw, i’d rather not have to choose between one post about serious stuff and 40 little posts on random things. i want both. thanks.

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