White boxes from Max & Erma’s that is.  The other day we were there for supper and there was a minor faux pas (no condiments for a LONG time after the food was delivered).  It wasn’t a huge deal, but the waitress very nicely put 6 choclate cookies in the oven for us.  When we left we had a box full of warm melty cookies.

Wow are they good.  Wow wow wow.

And it was well worth it to them to give them to us.  While I like cookies, I’m not the kind of guy to buy 6 from a restaurant.  Now I will, probably many times, which makes it a good investment on their part to give some away once in a while.  I think they should give them away every day.  At my office.


2 thoughts on “Good things come in white boxes.

  1. While I don’t deny that it was a nice gesture, it is funny to remember that those cookies technically weren’t hers to give away. 🙂

    This reminds me of when I was at Olive Garden one day, and after I waited for a while, my waitress realized the chefs forgot about my food. I ended up getting the meal free (free chicken marsala :-D), and both my mom and I got free dessert. How cool is that?

  2. can you imagine, if that was a published perk? warm chocolate chip cookies paired with a tall glass of milk. followed, of course, by a well-executed shoulder massage administered by, in my case at least, a tall blonde hottie named Sven.

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