Once upon a time I lived in dread of car trouble.  Getting your car fixed is always expensive, and there are SO many places out there that will shaft you in a heartbeat.  I went a lot of years knowing no-one who could fix my car, and it wasn’t a happy time.

My sister started dating her (now) husband Kris Kozlow in high school.  He joined the Army and ended up in the motor pool.  He drove vehicles designed to drive into places where tanks get stuck and physically pick the tanks up and drive away with them.  He also became a truly excellent mechanic.

He works at Belle Tire up on Alpine now, and they do all kinds of auto work, not just tires.  He really really knows what he’s doing, and he’s honest.  If you need anything done, drop in and ask for him.  If he’s busy, he knows the other guys in the shop he’d trust to work on your car.

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