My friend Cal has started a new blog.  I generally link to new blogs started by my friends, but I feel like this one is a little more important.  Cal’s a very large man, and a while back started really dealing with it aggressively.  Dealing with the amount of weight Cal has is not only difficult, but fraught difficult questions dealing with proper methods etc. 

Gastric bypass surgery was considered, but it looks like he’ll avoid it.  GPS has gotten a lot of great press, but there are TONS of stories of it killing people.  It’s not something done lightly.

Cal’s not simply "dieting", sipping weight watchers shakes and walking.  A "diet" is simply adjusting what you eat.  Cal is losing weight, aggressively and purposefully, and it can be difficult, painful, an emotionally stressful.

So check out his blog.  If it’s not you that goes through this someday, it might be a friend or relative.  Learn from his decisions and how it affects his life.  And let him know you’re praying for him.

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