Long ago I did a post about Boodler.  One of its features is to be able to output to an mp3 instead of the speakers.

One of my favorite recipes is called One Storm.  It starts out with a little ripple of water from a stream, with low thunder in the distance.  Peepers and birds come and go.  Over 30 minutes the storm gets closer and closer until it’s right overhead, with loud thunder, pounding rain, and some wind.

Then over the next 30 minutes it fades back to where it was, and then begins again.  When using Boodler for real it’s different every time since it’s a random generator.

Here’s a one hour storm I saved:

Download One Storm

3 thoughts on “A Rising Storm

  1. I had forgotten about boodler. Now that I’ve got a ‘nix machine, I’ll have to get it. Can it be used offline? I can’t remember.

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