“They asked me to do a cameo, and I said ‘You talk like a fool. Either I’m B.A. Baracus, or I’m out!'”

— Mr. T.

It would appear that the A-Team movie has been nixed.

I read an interesting review of it earlier though, and it had a good idea. If they WERE to make a new A-Team, they should make it with new characters. Some Gulf War vets who get framed, and get inspiration from the Real A-Team and copy them. Cameos of the original actors would work fine as the original characters (the ones still alive). That could actually be cool.

But I doubt it’ll happen.

One thought on “A-Team Movie Redux

  1. I have some friends that are thinking about making a B-Team movie. Sounds kinda like what you’re talking about. Maybe that will work out for you?

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