Last sunday we went to see the Pink Panther.  When we left home, the girls asked if they could bring a toy, and we said yes.  I don’t remember what Sophi picked, but Molly took a small purple ring.  It was a little small for her as I recall.

In the middle of the movie I heard it hit the floor and Molly turned to me and whispered "Dad!  I dropped the ring!"  I felt around a little bit, but didn’t feel it, so I told her we’d find it when the lights came up.  She immediately started to cry, and I asked her why she was crying.  She said "It was Sophi’s ring, and now she’s going to be sad!"  She was more sad that she hurt Sophi than she lost the ring.  I was able to calm her down though.

After the movie, I looked for it, but couldn’t find it, and Molly was devistated.  Sophi found out, and said "It’s ok Molly, I don’t mind.", but Molly was inconsolable.

Then Momma found the ring.  Happy day!  Molly said "Sophi, let’s trade back, so if I lose one again, it’ll be mine".  That’s when I realized that Sophi had Molly’s pink ring.  So they traded.

We walked down a long hall to leave the theatre, went through a one-way door, and walked across the food court.  We stopped on the other side to discuss where we were going next, and suddenly Sophi said "Oh Daddy!  I lost my ring!"  Sure enough, it was gone. 

We back tracked all the way to the one-way door, and decided it must have come off in there, and it wasn’t worth going all the way through for.  Sophi wasn’t all that wound up about it, but as I looked down, I caught Molly putting HER ring on Sophi’s hand.  She didn’t offer it verbally, she didn’t ask if Sophi wanted it, just just selflessly gave it.

My heart swelled right up when I saw that.

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