CURadio is the radio division of Cornerstone University, and that’s who I work for. The news department does the news for both WCSG and WaYfm. The stories are the same on both stations, they’re close enough that it all applies. So on the websites, they pull data from the same table.

For the website they do Local, State, National, International, and Sports news. I’ve wanted to make RSS feeds for a long time, but it wasn’t really a priority. The other day I finally got around to it.

I actually made a single script that can take vars to link to either station, as well as show any section, or all. Generally they only do one story per day per section, so if you only do one section, it’s a pretty slow feed. But if you get all of them, it’s a good bit of data.

You can see the results on the WaYfm news page.

There’s no link yet to all stories, just cut the category var off the URL of any of those and you’ll get all the news.

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