On the pages for our various live audio streams at work, I have a form for people to send me email if they’re having trouble. Today I got a very interesting email. Here’s what makes it interesting.

  1. It’s from an adult woman who wants to listen to His Kids Radio
  2. Her browser of choice is Lynx
  3. Her OS of choice is Linux
  4. She posted because she needed the IP of the stream in Linux, so she knew what an IP was.
  5. She wrote back to tell me she’d found the IP address. For the record, it’s buried deeply in code in a frame in a pop-up.
  6. She’s blind
  7. Linux works better for her than any other OS.

How cool is that?

Update: I asked her how she managed to get the IP and she said that links lets her open a pop-up in a new terminal window, and that window lists the frames. She just picked the frame with the player in it, and saved the file. She then “edited it” (I don’t know what with) and she said now she just types “./hiskidsradio” and the stream starts. I know she uses mplayer, I suspect she just trimmed it to be just the IP address and put mplayer at the beginning of the line.

4 thoughts on “How very interesting

  1. The made many of the people here at work say “wow that is really cool” not only does she run linux, but she is very savy. She deserves big “props”

  2. Hi. I well links supports some java script capability. So I went to the page and followed the links. Downloaded the file. And opened and edited it. LOL, normal days work for me 🙂 I couldn’t resist in responding to people speaking about me 🙂 thank you all for your kind comments.

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