Last evening my dad found my mom cold, pale, and un-breathing. He said her name loudly and she opened her eyes and looked at him. She’s breathing about 6 times per minute now, and her blood-oxygen level is very low. Ironically her blood pressure is perfectly normal.

I expected her to go last night, but this morning she told him Good Morning. I still don’t expect her to be around for more than a few days though. Except for some joint pain handled by medication, she’s pretty peaceful. She sleeps quietly 95% of the time.

When this all started, Molly took it pretty hard but Sophi didn’t seem to be affected at all. Molly has come to terms with it quite well, but last night for the first time Sophi realized Grandma’s not coming back. Sophi was really looking forward to swinging with her again. So I held her for a while and told her it was ok to cry, and be happy about it at the same time.

When my wife’s grandma died the girls went and stayed with my in-laws for a week, and took quite seriously the role of comforters. They did a wonderful job too, asking questions gently etc. Last night I told Sophi that my dad would need some comforting as well, and Molly said “That’s RIGHT Sophi! The Little Girl Brigade to the rescue again!”. They probably won’t go stay with him, but there’ll be some serious cuddling going on while we’re there.

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  1. Yeah… death sucks. Parents aren’t supposed to go away. No one’s supposed to go away. I can’t wait for things to be set straight and death to be done away with.

    I’m praying for you guys. Let me know if I can help at all.

  2. Those sweet young girls can do so much. They bring sunshine and joy wherever they go. Much needed at a time like this.

    Praying for your family…

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mom failing, Topher. But at least the end is in sight and she will be healthy as ever soon. =) Glad to hear the girls are handling it so well.

  4. God is good all the time… and all the time… yep – God is good.

    Through pain and sadness, He is our comforter, our friend. We’re praying for you guys Topher…

  5. Topher, I got your message through Sandi. I know this is a hard time for all of you. It’s so sad to know I won’t be able to talk with my dear Anne again. I do want to be at any service you have and see all of you. Keep me posted.

  6. Hey, just checked your blog to see how your mom is doing and get the general news from Topher-land. Waiting for death is so strange. You’re in my thoughts, just wanted to let you know. big hugs, eliz

  7. Dad told me it was getting bad. Guess I didn’t realize. I try to keep in touch w/ him often. We’re thinking of you all down here in NC

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