There are three major malls in the greater Grandrapidsland Area.  Centrepointe may be debated as to whether it’s a major mall, but it’s physically large.

Centrepointe and Woodland Malls are across the street from each other at the corner of Beltline and 28th, an enormously busy intersection in Grand Rapids.  Out in Grandville is River Town Crossings, the newest of the three.

On the same (very large) block as Centrepointe, also at an intersection with Woodland, there used to be a used car lot.  They moved out, and the new owners tore everything down, and are now building a sort of mini-mall.  Lots of stores all in close proximity, but without the indoor halls that make it a real mall.

They even have a name for this new area.

Woodpointe Crossings.

Update:  In response to many queries in IM and comments, I’d like to say Yes, I’m serious.

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