We left the hospital today. My mom was doing a little better. When I told her I was there when I came to say goodbye she was able to turn her head and look at me. I kissed her and told her I loved her. Then we took off to the other side of the state to get the girls.

We’re at my in-laws farm now, and we had a cookout and watched the moon come up and the bats come out to play. I called my Dad and he said they took out the drain tube from where her brain was bleeding. He wasn’t allowed to be there for it, so he went back to his Dad’s.

We had a nice talk with the girls about everything going on. Sophi didn’t seem phased at all, but Molly’s pretty sad. So tomorrow we’re going to get up early and go back and let her see Grandpa and Grandma. She really wants to give Grandpa hugs and cuddles.

Now that the tube is out, we’re looking to see change one way or the other.

Thanks for praying.

2 thoughts on “Another Mom update for Saturday

  1. I know Don said it before, but we are praying for you that you will have wisdom with your girls as you guide them through this and that God will be your strength and comfort.

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