Well, last week my wife and I went to Muskoka Baptist Conference so I could teach PHP to some guys. Rod, Don, Daniel, and Eric were a lot of fun to work with. We crammed all day, and jammed all evening while watching baseball every night. The last night (thursday), Rod broke out the projector, and we watched the Yankees lose on the big screen.

Friday morning my wife let me sleep in some, and we hit the road about 9 am. We stopped at a Tim Horton for some doughnuts, and I got an interesting quarter. On this trip I noticed that the Canadians had gotten a new quarter since I was up last, with the new one just having a newer picture of The Queen. But at Tim Hortons, I got a special quarter, and it was special enough that the lady took the time to tell me about it. They were specifically giving one to each customer who got change. It’s a tional/”>a Nunavut commemoration on it. For the unaware (I met some canadians this week who had no idea), Canada split the Yukon in two, and gave half to the native locals who call it Nunavut.

We saw some interesting food too. My wife tries some “Red River”. It’s a hot cereal from the Red River Valley made of oats, wheat, and flax. We also saw some potato chips that we didn’t even think about trying.

We stopped at an outlet mall on the way home, and went to the Lego store. We saw some really cool stuff.

We also stopped at IKEA and I got a computer desk. We also got some pictures, shelves, wrapping paper, and candle holders.

We got home relatively late, but we had a really good time. My wife was really great the whole weekend, giving me the time and space I needed to get everything done.

2 thoughts on “Back from Canada

  1. Well, it was a delightful week with the great one. We learned lots, made fun of his unique “American” accent, and generally had a good time. I must say though that Ketchup Potato chips are not weird; basically they taste like salt and vinegar hopped up on steroids. Red River cereal is an institution like maple syrup and beaver tails. Topher, you are crazy, but we like you that way. Next time.

  2. Oh, you missed out on the ketchup potato chips!! I know it sounds weird, but we have Canadian friends down here who brought some back after a visit, and I promise, they were really good! I miss Ikea…none anywhere close to us here. sigh.

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