In 1995, Microsoft invented the Comic Sans font.  Everyone loved it, and used it, and then the more discerning amongst humanity realized it had been over used and stopped.  The less discerning did not stop. is a funny site about why NOT to use it, and they have hats and shirts and whatnot.  They also have this marvelous cartoon:

Bunny Punch

2 thoughts on “Ban Comic Sans

  1. Comic Sans goes into a bar, and the barman says, “We don’t serve your type.”

    (From Gervase Markham’s blog)

  2. When I was first starting out with computers in junior high or so (back when I only had minimal access to a computer — I didn’t own one till I was 16, lol), Comic Sans was my favorite. I used it all the time. I got excited when I recognized it other places. Then one day, I saw the light. I suddenly became immensely sick of the font. Now I will never use it. I refuse to contribute to bunny-punching.

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