A couple weeks ago I went fishing with my father-in-law (imagine that).  He was having problems with his line breaking, which is odd since he’d just put new line on his poles.  At one point he had a fish get away and take his hook and everything.  A few minutes later, casting into the same area, I caught his fish!

When I was taking my hook out I noticed another one in there.  Then I noticed it still had fresh worm on it.  We both hooked the same fish within 10 minutes of each other.

2 thoughts on “Weird fishing story

  1. I suppose this offers some insight into the brain of a fish. If I had tried to eat a succulent bite of filet mignon, and ended up skewered through the cheek — I doubt I’d do it again less than 10 minutes later. Pavlov would be disappointed. 😉

  2. Two words for you: Berkeley Fireline.

    It’s more expensive than monofilament, but I almost NEVER lose fish or hooks due to broken line. In fact, I *bend* hooks when I get snagged.

    It’s limp, which means it casts well, and it doesn’t have a memory, which is good too. You lose some of the … springyness that is inherent to monofilament, but I don’t miss mono in the slightest.

    Thin. Strong. Tough. Buy it today! I won’t ever go back.

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