5 thoughts on “Best Christmas Song EVAR

  1. The holidays have always been a lovely time, but tinged with melancholy — something intangible was missing, leaving a small but definite hole. That hole has been filled by this horrifying abuse of audio equipment — this is AWESOME. Thanks, Topher — my holidays are complete. Now if you’ll need me, I’ll be in the corner scrubbing out my ears with fruitcake.

    Have a wonderful holiday — good tidings, as they used to say, to your peeps (as they didn’t used to say).

  2. Holy crap. Can’t believe I missed this when you posted it originally…
    even William Hung is scratching his head raw right now. Our 2 cats just scattered to the nether regions of the house. I am wiping tears, and quite possibly had a spot of pee… possibly. Allegedly. I’ll double-check after staunching the river pouring from my bleeding ears.

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