A while back I was volunteering at GRGiveCamp and a teammate of mine did something cool with his phone.  I saw him scroll the site on his iPhone, and on his Mac it also scrolled.  I assumed it was some Mac voodoo with Safari and didn’t pay much more attention.

The next day I saw him do it again, only this time 2 browsers were scrolling.  “What’s that you have going on there?” I asked him.

“BrowserSync”, he answered, and motioned me over.  “Check it out”.

Then I noticed that he had his Windows laptop set up next to his Mac, and it also was scrolling 2 different browsers.

BrowserSync allows you to synchronize all your browsers, on any platform; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Opera Mobile, and Windows Phone.   And by “synchronize” I mean have every action happen in all; click, reload, respond to Grunt scripts, whatever.

I was very impressed.

It runs on Node.js and is apparently very easy to set up.  I haven’t done it myself yet, but I certainly plan to.  My associate was able to test his site in every browser at once, right within his own setup.


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