Storing your bookmarks on the web instead of in a single browser is an idea that’s been around since before browsers could store their own bookmarks. It’s even easier these days with bookmarklets, which take the page title, url, etc and put them into a pop-up window for you for submission. is a great example of this.

The drag is, they’re all on a website, and you have to navigate through them. People have tried different tricks to make it easier. Some have made it so you browse the entire web in a frameset, with your bookmarks in a CSS menu in a small top frame. That’s still a pain.

Recently however, Firefox added a neat little RSS widget. If you go to a page with an RSS feed LINKed in the head of the document, it puts a small icon in the status bar. You can then click on that icon, and “subscribe” to the feed. This puts the feed into your bookmarks menu, with the title being a folder name, and the feed items being bookmarks.

I’d like to see a system where your web bookmarks are output as RSS feeds, and then you can add them to your bookmarks folder in your browser. When you add one, it’s put on the list. Suddenly, you have the advantage of a web based bookmarks system, while at least on your main machine they’re all in the bookmarks menu where they’re supposed to be.

If this doesn’t happen relatively soon, I’m going to make it.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarks, RSS, etc.

  1. Dude, use, then subscribe to your own feed as a firefox bookmark (not in Sage, just in your regular bookmarks). That’s almost exactly what you’re asking for.

  2. Tom Choates has an interesting entry about moving bookmark management forward. I’ve been playing with subscribing to delicious bookmarks in firefox and it is nice, but it’d be better if firefox were able to automatically pick up the keywords and build folders from them. Maybe in 2.0 🙂

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