My daughter Sophi is 3 today. We got up this morning and the girls and I went to Susie’s Doughnuts and got… doughnuts. But they got to go in their jammies, which is fun. When we got home I made bacon, and then we all played Zelda and had doughnuts and bacon.

After that we watched Scooby Doo 2, which is quite clever if you’re a scooby fan, dumb if you’re not. But the girls loved it.

THEN we went to Woodland mall and the girls played on the play food, and we got Chinese food. We brought the food home and played more zelda while we ate.

After lunch the girls took a pseudo-nap, which means they lay down for about 20 minutes. Molly was up for part of that helping to wrap presents.

After nap we had cake and unwrapped presents. Sophi got a new princess dress, and a magic wand today. More to come at Grandma’s this weekend. Molly got a present from Sophi, a princess purse with necklace and earrings. Sophi really wanted some “po nailish”, by which she meant “nail polish”.

They’re now watching a different Scooby and my wife and I are kicking back a little. There’s another party at Grandma’s this weekend which should be a much larger affair.

My wife was amazing today. Before 9 am today, she’d made a birthday cake, painted the living room, and folded about 4 loads of laundry. The cake turned out AMAZINGLY well.

Pictures may be found here. I took more with other cameras that have something inside called “film” that has to be “developed”. We’ll see how that new technology turns out.

4 thoughts on “Sophi’s Birthday

  1. I took more with other cameras that have something inside called “film” that has to be “developed”.

    Darn new-fangled technostuff….it’ll never last – it’s just a fad. If you ignore it, maybe it will go away!


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