I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been intending to bring my literary life into my blog. The plan is to have a sidebox that just shows the cover of the book I’m currently reading, and then a more aggressive attempt to review what I read. In that vein, I began today to hunt for a good online bookstore to link to on a consistent basis for those who may wish to buy said book.

I didn’t want to use Amazon, because their stupid patent on clicking a link to buy something still irks my ire to no end. There’s one I liked years ago, but can’t remember the name of it. E told me about it, E do you remember? So I began an unscientific poll of people on my gaim list to see what cool bookstores they use.

Amazon was first about 95% of the time. About 80% of them didn’t use anything else. The other 20% used something else occasionally, and that was almost exclusively How depressing.

Two enlightened souls pointed out some good ones however. Ty Ping pointed out This one stands a good chance of being my choice. Faith (from work) pointed out Abe Books which is actually an “old books” store, but they have modern stuff too. But since I often read older books, this one might win out over powells. We’ll see.

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