The other day a friend said to me “Did you ever find out who put that odd box on campus?” At that point, I knew about as much as YOU, dear reader, knew. He said “Some little electronics device was installed on campus, [our sysadmin] posted about it on [our campus bulletin board]” Of course then I HAD to find out what it was. Was it a spy device? A bomb? I rushed to the web and found this:

Will the person that attached an unauthorized network device (specifically a Netgear FVL328 Prosafe High-speed VPN Firewall) to the network incorrectly and against policy at 9:03 this morning please contact the Technology Support center by phone at X1510 or 222-1510 off campus or by cell. I would like to speak with you and have information regarding the new administrator password for your device.

That’s good stuff. :)

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