WCSG’s Friendraiser is a one-day fund raising event, where we raise money for someone else. In the past it’s been for Bibles International, an orphanage overseas and some others I don’t remember right now. This year it’s for our sister stations WaYfm and

“Isn’t that the same as raising it for yourself?” you ask. Not really. Each station is responsible for raising their own support. WCSG did well with their Sharathon this year, and WaY’s didn’t go as well as hoped. So what’s happening is WCSG is asking THEIR listeners to help out WaY and HisKids. As long as we’re up front about that (which we are), I’m comfortable with that.

If you want to see how things are going, you can check out our calculator. There’s a microsummary attached to it for the geeks. If anyone uses that, leave a comment, I’m curious about how many do. :)

2 thoughts on “Friendraiser day!

  1. Had to Google microsummaries, but now I know what they are – neat! Does it update often? Should I assume firefox only? I am bookmarked now, I will keep tabs on it…

  2. The default is every 30 minutes, I just learned today how to make it do every 5 minutes. :)

    It’s firefox 2+ only.

    There are some sweet ones for things like package tracking with UPS etc.

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