It looks like Celebration Cinemas is going to buy the Cinemark theaters at Woodland and Rivertown Crossings malls. I like the Celebration at Knapps Corners, but I also liked the Cinemark at Rivertown. I hope they can make a happy medium. I hated my one experience at Woodland.

2 thoughts on “Celebration buys Cinemark theaters

  1. My wife is kind of bothered by this… She’s got a couple Cinemark gift cards and doesn’t want to have to drive to Detroit to use them.

    Also Cinemark had an exclusive deal where they broadcast Metropolitan Opera performances and Kristen enjoyed going to those… That’ll likely disappear too.

    Mind you, I like Celebration Cinemas (and know the family that owns them slightly) so I hope it goes well, but it’s kind of annoying for my wife.

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