Smart Car

I’ve been watching the Smart Car for some years now. It’s very tiny and gets up to 80 miles to the gallon. There are several different models, including a roadster, but the FourTwo is the only one that has just gotten approval for sale in the US. It’ll go for about $14k.

The first thing people mention is “I’d hate to be in a wreck!” but they’ve worked hard to make it safe. Check out this third party test video. It’s also not as small on the inside as you might think. Here’s a commercial video.

Edmunds has done a great write-up, mentioning all kinds of great details.

3 thoughts on “The Smart Car Is Coming!

  1. Alright – you got me. I joined the mailing list. If only I could get everything for a gig into it… Who knows? Maybe…

  2. What’s the point in having one in America? In Italy they are great because you can park them anywhere! In America they have real parking lots! However they are pretty cool looking. Twice the money for half the car! :-)

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