I’m going to be posting several short posts in quick succession here. Stuff I’ve wanted to post about, but never got around to.

Months ago, I was lamenting to my friend at Celebration Cinemas that all the Cheap Theaters in Grand Rapids are gone. It used to be that you could go to the Alpine 4, or the Woodland Theater, or even the one out on 29th street that I don’t remember the name of, and pay 99 cents or $1.50 for a movie. They were “older” movies, that had been out for months, but when you’re poor it’s fun. They all died though. 🙁

Not long after that conversation, Celebration Cinemas bought all the Cinemark theaters in the area. One of the nice things they did was turn the one at Woodland into a “cheap” theater. It’s not 99 cents, but at $3.50 it’s a lot cheaper than the first-run theaters. And since it’s almost a brand new theater, it’s really very nice in there, with lots of leg room and nice clean decor.

We’ve been there several times, and been very happy with it. Celebration released a statement about it back when it happened.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Movies

  1. Good news! Thanks for the tip – I remember when the Knapp Celebration opened it was somewhat cheap too, then the prices slowly went up. Wonder if that is the plan here…the press release doesn’t sound that way.

  2. You should talk to that friend about all the other discounts available. First Matinee, Student discounts, discount movie nights…

    For Grand Rapids Locations:

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