Anyone who’s had chocolate made in Switzerland or Germany will tell you that most American chocolate is cheap nasty stuff. It may get cheaper and nastier.

According to the pinnacle of journalistic reporting (slashdot), the FDA is considering changing some of the default ingredients in American chocolate.

They’re considering allowing substitution of vegetable oil ($0.70/lb.) for cocoa butter ($2.30/lb.), and whey protein for dry whole milk.

I don’t really care so much about the chocolate, I don’t eat much anyway. I think it’s interesting though, that there are people working to make a famously low quality product lower in quality. However, if you READ THE ARTICLE, you’ll note there are some people in strong opposition to this. You can be too!

One thought on “Cheap(er) American Chocolate

  1. I’m not worried about this. The damage has already been done. Like the slashdot summary says, companies can already say “chocolatey” on a product that has never been within 6 feet of a cocoa product. Try Kellogg’s awful new “Choconilla Krispies” and you will experience this phenomenon.

    Regarding the inferiority of American chocolate, I know what you are referring to, but we make good stuff here too! Ghirardelli is pretty decent and it’s made in San Francisco I believe. And Karly, who never forgets a chocolate, actually prefers DOVE of all things. My favorite though is the Swiss Lindt.

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