We’ve used Vonage for several years now, and I’ve blogged about it. It’s been really great. Great service, great technology, etc.

Verizon has been sitting on some patents for telephony until Vonage was ripe enough, and then Surprise! popped them out to kill Vonage.

Today Vonage announced that bankruptcy looms. I’ll be VERY sad if it goes away. There really isn’t anything comparable. Comcast has an IP phone system, but it’s VERY expensive, relatively speaking.

BOOO Verizon! Hooray beer!

2 thoughts on “Vonage Hurting

  1. I’d be really sad to see Vonage go away also. I think I’d build my own Asterisk before I’d go back to Verizon or the like.

    I wonder if I could use my Vonage phone terminal in an Asterisk way.

  2. Topher,
    When I lived in Ohio I used a company called It was a great service. I used the $19.95 service which gave me 21 countries for free. I developed friends in 3 of the 21 before I moved to FL and cancelled the service. I may rejoin as my business grows. Check them out at Also, if you want to BYOD I have a Sipura SPA1000 I am not using.

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