This blog is quickly becoming “Topher’s Blog About His Kids”. I have a wider variety of posts ready in my head, but when the girls say stuff I need to get it down, or I forget it.

Last night I was riding in the car with the girls, and we were listening to some music from the Zelda video game series (Alak’s guitar renditions for those in the know). Most of it is from Ocarina of Time, but one or two are from Windwaker. When a Windwaker song came on, Molly said “Sophi! This is one from the first Zelda!”

I pointed out to her (as I have before) that Windwaker is not actually the FIRST Zelda game. To which she responded

“Yes Daddy, I know, but can’t we forget that order, and order them in our own childhood experience?”

Windwaker of course being the FIRST one Molly saw played.

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